At present Information Technology (IT) is a subject of common interest in Bangladesh. There are many software firms, call centers, BPO service providers, thousands of formal and informal IT training centres and numerous computer shops. The Government has declared digitalization the most emphasized sector of Bangladesh. Tremendous activities are going on in every sector including e-commerce, e-governance, computer networking, Internet, web applications, multimedia product development, education etc.

Young generation in Bangladesh is very enthusiastic about this development and main source of fuel for the uprising. There are numerous computer clubs, programming contests, web design contests, IT related seminars and discussions in many cities of the country. Most importantly hundreds of entrepreneurs are entering into this business every year. Beside this, the consumer mentality is also shaping up with the recent uprising in E-commerce activities in Bangladesh. There are E-commerce related seminars and symposiums in the country almost every day and all the major training centres are offering courses on E-commerce. Government is now formulating laws for e-commerce to enhance the business rapidly and smoothly.

The scenario opens up opportunities for Reza and Reza Solutions (RnR) to evolve with the aim to contribute to the socio-economic development of Bangladesh by offering Software development, BPO services, and field activation services. RnR’s flexible infrastructure and attitude provide greater choice and control in quickly meeting cost-effective, high-performance business requirements. The company is determined to ensure quality to present and deliver the best products, solutions, and services at the best value for money to remain as the prime choice of the business houses.